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Monday, September 22, 2003

So I graduated on Sept. 11 and it was a nice ceremony. I received my diploma and certificate in Arabic and then proceeded to pack up and head out to NC for a couple of weeks to visit my girlfriend and to move my stuff from DC to NC. The area is really nice here in NC, not a lot of traffic, but still a lot of crazy drivers. And it's definitely southern here too. Pretty nice. Best of all, it's great to see my girlfriend.

So we faired through hurricane Isabel just fine. Not too much rain, but some good solid wind throughout the day. We lost power for about 24 hours and that's was about all from this storm. Pretty lucky.

Saturday, September 06, 2003

Well I got my grades for the DLPT: Listening 2; Reading 3; and Speaking 1+. So, I wanted a 2 in speaking, but oh well. I missed a 2+ in listening by 2 points, so I'm very happy with the listening and reading, where 3 is the highest grade for these tests. Overall, I'm definitely in the top 25%, but haven't looked to see exactly where, but all I care about is that I learned a very hard language and I can speak it at a beginner conversant level. Sweet. Graduation is of all days on Sept. 11 and I hear it's going to be a long ceremony because of the anniversary. Grrrr, I don't feel like standing that long!

Today Monterey is celebrating Santa Rosalia. Went to mass and it was almost all Italians, very cool. Then the parade started from the church to downtown, then to the wharf to bless the fishing fleet. I'm on my way down there for good Italian food and drink. It's gorgeous out today. Wish my girlfriend was here to enjoy it with me, guess I'll have to enjoy the great food for both of us.

Oh yeah, congratulations to Lex on his citizenship, way to go buddy!

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

I took the reading Defense Language Aptitude Test (DLPT) today. It went just fine...easier than expected. Listening DLPT tomorrow and then I'm done and will be even more bored than I am currently. Take it easy.

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