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Saturday, June 28, 2003

Let's see, took the big test last week, but don't know the grades yet. Hopefully all went well, but it's a profiency test in Arabic, so it's hard to judge how well one does on it. The weather here has been unusually warm so I've spent the afternoons after class and the gym at the beach. Mainly Carmel Beach and some unnamed beach I hang out.

Last night was some battle of the bands on post so it was filled with army people and $3 pitchers. Anyway, my roommate and I get confronted by some big belligerent E-5 sergeant and this guy started threatening my roommate for just standing near the place where he was standing. Anyway, we left the area and then a bit later the guy comes up to roommate again and starts threatening him some more. I started asking the sgt why he threatening another soldier and he got in my face yelling at me and telling me to "roll out." Hell, if I'm leaving my roommate, so that just made him more po'ed at which point I called our sgt who had security duty for the night and I did this right in front of the guy. Well the guy's friends showed up and got him to go outside and they told just to avoid him and they starting saying that from their viewpoint we were being disrespectful. Good grief. However, the guy ran into my roommate one more time and I guess the sgt sobered up some or cooled down some or realized that a higher ranking sgt now had a report that he was threatening a soldier, either way they talked for a bit and I guess cooled down some. My roommate told me afterwards that they were cool but the guy still didn't like me very much. Sounds good to me, the time I want randomly belligerent NCO to like me is the time I've been in the army too long. But I realize why I don't go to many army functions. Your bound to run into some Napolean-complexed guy who uses his rank to push others around.

Sunday, June 22, 2003

Went to the A's and Giants game last night, but left at the top of the 9th because I was once again really tired! But I caught all the action anyway when the A's made a great effort at coming back, but they still lost 6-4. I went straight to sleep when I got home and now I'm chilling till church time. Interesting thing in the world of wireless; my girlfriend and I shopped together at Target 3,000 miles apart. She picked up some things that were at her store and I picked up the other stuff that was at mine. Not a bad concept, other than it would have been better to have shopped together at the same place. But hey, this way nothing was out between the two stores.

Friday, June 20, 2003

Okay, so I went from way tired to walking zombie. I had to get up at 5am on Tuesday and Thursday plus stay up late to clean for an inspection on Monday and Wednesday. For the inspection, on Thursday morning, I stood outside my door for 1 hour 45 minutes waiting to be inspected by some Napolean complexed SGT Major. Anyway, tomorrow I need to get up early again because the post is closing for the annual army run, so I need to split before they close. Yeah yeah, I should run, but I get enough exercise! Good thing, off to the A's and Giants game tomorrow night, which should be nice with some prior tailgating. Otherwise, the big C-14 test on Mon. and Tues. then one week before I head to DC for the 4th of July. I hope the weather starts acting like summer out there, because if I want cold and cloudy I can stay here in Monterey.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Whoa, I am way tired of late after an awesome five days with my girlfriend....keep your thoughts clean. Anyway, she rolled in on Friday and out on Wednesday morning. On Sat. we headed to Capitola, next to Santa Cruz but better, to catch some sun on the beach and on Monday we went to Napa Valley to check out the vineyards and some wineries. I thought it was amazing to see all these wineries of wines you see in the store everyday. It was like strolling down the aisles to check out the bottles, but it was the winery instead. But the best thing about the trip was spending time with her.

But now I'm back in the drudgery of class day in day out. Only 2 tests to go and the next one is in a 1 1/2 weeks. I'll be glad to get this test done and get ready for the 4th in DC.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Not much going on, just waiting for my girlfriend to get into town tomorrow evening. It will be real nice to see her again, though it's only been 2 weeks, which feels like 2 months. Not sure what we will check out around town, but I hope the weather is nice so we can chill at the beach some. We had a meeting on our arabic proficiency speaking test to learn what it is all about. Best thing about that is that the meeting means we are near the end and we should have the speaking test in late August. I hope I'm done speaking before Labor Day.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

Thomas Friedman of the NY Times has an interesting article today...click on the link to the left to check it out. The weather here in Monterey is beautiful today so no complaints. Maybe I'll take a nap on the beach today. My current topic in Arabic is economics and politics, just my game. So I'm more motivated this unit than the last few. Hopefully I'll rock on the test. On the last test (see below) I received my best test scores yet, even getting 100% in reading. That was a first. Next weekend will rock with my girlfriend coming to visit. I'm counting down the days!

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