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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Just finished my 13th test in my arabic course...two more to go. Glad that's over now....

I got to go home over the weekend to spend a lovely time with my girlfriend at a wedding of one of her friends. The wedding was really nice and I got to meet more of her friends, who are all very nice and pretty damn cool. It was a busy weekend though and not a lot of down time to be had, but I can't complain since I got to visit and I got out of classes for a few days. The only bad thing was coming back after living like a normal person again and having to get back into the regiment I live under here.

Saturday, May 17, 2003

Yesterday was my 1 year here in Monterey and next week is my 1 year studying Modern Standard Arabic. Sweet, hopefully I'll be done and out of here soon!

A group of us decided to get some Chinese food for lunch and on the way down we talked about the SARS scare here in town with a couple of people. Anyway, my bud and I went to the restroom to wash our hands and as soon as we opened the door, this employee was in there violently vomiting all over and making the worst noise I ever heard from someone yuking. We immediately turned around and told our friends who were already at the buffet about this guy. I'm sure they rightfully gave us a hard time because we were worried about SARS and it was probably just a fluke. So we kept talking about it and made one of our friends lose his appetite, lol, and then my friend and I decided to leave and eat at a cafe down the street while the rest remained and ate their food. Now I'm sure it was nothing, but man, that was just plain weird and in my book not worth testing. So I gladly ate a Monterey Jack Burger with mushrooms. Of course, our other friends razzed us the rest of the day.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

Not much going on since last post. I lost my temper a bit today and insulted a classmate after she made a condescending remark. I hate being mean, but this annoying girl had it coming. She even abruptly left class and started crying. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr, I hate that. Anyway, hopefully she'll pay more attention to the teachers in class from now on and won't think she is superior to the other students in class. Speaking of, my teaching team has been changed up this past week. A new Iraqi teacher and a new Lebanese teacher. Both are really nice, but the Iraqi is very boring and puts me literally to sleep. The Lebanese lady is the new boss and is implementing her ways of teaching, which I don't like. Funny thing, I liked the previous boss lady even though I was the only one who did besides one other student. She was tough, hard on the students, but still had fun. I respect that. I'll see how the new teaching adjustments work. I just need to figure them out a bit. Word.

Sunday, May 11, 2003

Well, thanks to Corey for showing me some links on blogging. I now have links to the left of my page, though I need to spruce them up a bit. Let's see, I passed my Arabic second semester final and the numbers drill test (reading numbers a billion miles/second). So I should be golden till I graduate in September. I have 3 more tests to go and I have not failed one test since day 1 so that should guarantee my position in class till the end, even if I fail the next 3 tests. Let's see, Friday I went to Bullwhacker's Bar on Cannery Row and listened to the live singer dude with a group of friends. It's pretty much a DLI hang out on Friday nights. On Saturday I went to my first MLB Baseball game. The Oakland A's versus The New York Yankees. The Yanks won 5-2 and it's was a sweet time. I must say, it was better than I thought it would be, but I think I'm more of a hockey fan, but there is something to be said about chillin' under the sun watching a game on very green grass. Very American if you ask me. Anyway, waiting for Thursday to watch Matrix 2. I don't watch many movies at the theaters, but with the summer blockbuster junk kicking off, there are some good ones to check out.

Sunday, May 04, 2003

I watched X-Men 2 and it absolutely rocked. Much better than the first one. I thought it took a lot of guts for the movie to actually be realistic and have army dudes getting hurt or even killed and not just knocked out with a water bottle over the head. After the movie a group of us went to a restaurant owned by Jordanians and had some good food. The owner even brought us a large plate of hummus, which was homemade and very good. And they are kind enough to put up with our terrible Arabic. And when you ask for a glass of wine, it's more like a carafe of wine. Good stuff. So if you are ever in downtown Pacific Grove check out Chili Great Chili.

Friday, May 02, 2003

I had Charge of Quarters (CQ) duty yesterday. I stayed awake for 26 1/2 hours straight, but I slept most of today so I'm a bit out of it right now, though I had plenty of sleep by now. We had some kid get brought in by the police at 3:30am for passing out drunk somewhere on post. That was pretty funny, the guy just reaked of alcohol. Otherwise I stayed awake watching movies and drinking lots of caffeine. I had hoped to wake early during the day and buy tickets for X-Men 2, but when I got there they were already sold out for today, so I bought some for tomorrow's matinee, which cost full price at $8.25 a pop. I really hate the theaters around here. I guess that's why the last movie I saw was in early January and then only because booze was snuck into the show. So I'm going to chill tonight, and hope my noggin' clears up from messing up my internal sleep time.

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