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Thursday, February 27, 2003

Okay, so my page is absolutely weird, so I just gave up and changed my template and it seems to be fixed now. I get to go home next week for my class break, which means I have 6 months of classes left and this time will hopefully fly by. I'm really missing being away now and I'll be very happy to get back to the place where everyone I care about is. I'll keep my fingers crossed. My classes are going okay, the presentation I have to give was postponed till the end of next week so I'll be spending most of my weekend preparing for my presentation and my mid-term, which encompasses more arabic than I could ever hope to remember. I don't care how bad I do as long as it's passing. My goal at this point is just to pass the course and move on; 6.5 hours of classes straight, in arabic is more than enough to drive me insane. I also get to move to another building this weekend, so I lose my awesome view of Monterey Bay, but I'll have a bigger room and a roommate that at least bathes regularly. Alright, time to finish my beer and work on my homework.

Sunday, February 23, 2003

Wow, the DC area has been having fun with mother nature lately. I visited the area last weekend to spend some time with an awesome person and ended up with the best luck of getting stranded one extra day there. Too bad I was stranded for longer! But United Airlines came through last weekend. On my flight out, San Fran had weather delays and I missed my connection, so I crashed at the USO place in the airport and United booked me business class on the next flight out in the morning. Then when the snow hit and all flights were canceled, United re-booked me immediately on a flight out the next day in a cushy seat just behind business, so I had leg room. I have no idea how I scored that seat with all the people vying for the flight. So United rocks in book and props go out to them. I hope they pull through.

Anyway, my weekend was amazing despite the snow and digging out cars, which was fun to do since I wasn't alone in the activity. We had a wonderful weekend in DC where I was taken to the Capital Steps show (very funny if you're into politics and the idiots in the headlines) and then to a very nice dinner at Ten Penh, which is the whitest Asian restaurant I've ever seen, but the food and ambience was great! So, I'm stoked to get back there in 2 weeks, where I'll be bugging everyone I haven't seen since Christmas. Later...

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Why won't my page appear?
Why won't my page display?

Friday, February 07, 2003

I took my 9th big test for Arabic today, hopefully it went well. I'm also tasked to do a presentation in Arabic on a Middle East area with a cultural aspect to it. I chose to do Israeli Arabs/Israeli Palestinians and how they lack rights as Israeli citizens compared to Jewish Israeli citizens. Now these are not citizens necessarily in occupied territories, but actual law-biding citizens of Israel who happen to be of Arab ethnicity. It's dumbfounding to see how poorly they are treated. If interested, check out the following links:

http://www.arabhra.org/ (this is the best site I've found so far on actual Arab Israelis)
http://www.btselem.org/ (Israeli site pushing for rights of Palestinians in occupied territories)

Anyway, it's Friday and I have a 9pm curfew, can you believe this &^%, 28 and I'm essentially grounded! Lol...my platoon has field training tomorrow, but I can't go due to an injury, but the rules still apply to me, which is fair enough. Can anyone tell me what I was thinking when I signed those papers??? Please Army man, take away my freedom, thought, and movement.....duh. But I do get to study constantly 7 days a week, wait, how's that fun?

Sunday, February 02, 2003

Well, I'm back to posting again. My Sony laptop initially had a fried hard drive, so I had that replaced, but as soon as that was fixed, the motherboard fried. Grrrr, turns out my motherboard was bad and fried my hard drive before finally dying. So now I have a Toshiba and I'm back on the web. I had an awesome time over Christmas visiting my family, friends, and my girlfriend. Met with Alex, Steph, and John early on, but didn't get to spend as much time as I would have liked. Hopefully I'll see them all in March. I did see my other college buddies in the burg, and I even checked out some of the Caps games. But I've now been back in class since Jan 5, but the end of my studies is in sight...if you count September to be approaching..... Anyway, I'll keep this thing posted more often now. Take care all. Oh yeah, picked up the oft stated terrible movie, Point Break for $9.44 at Target today. Say what you want, I think the movie rocks, especially the Chili Peppers parts in the movie. Sweet.

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